Not So Deep Thoughts

A List of Lists

I guess I find lists easy to read and somewhat straightforward in this answer-driven society of ours.  Here is a list of current and anticipated lists on the site.  I hope to grow these lists, so check in every now and then to see if they have changed.
Here are the lists that I have (mostly) completed so far
Lists that will be coming soon!

35 Reasons Why Evolution Is True


Glad You Could Make It

A Hodgepodge of Ideas

Although over the course of time this site will contain more and more writing that is my own, many of the ideas in this site have been presented by someone else.  However, I like to think that there may be some value in getting them all together in one place.  I try to provide citations wherever they are appropriate.  Likewise, if you use any of these ideas, please give credit where credit is due.
I am happy to receive civil and constructive feedback.  I can't promise that I will respond to every e-mail, but I will read them and give them some thought.
Some people -- Christians, atheists, and others -- have wondered about the content of my religious belief.  I have done my best to summarize it here.
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                           Joe Pettit is a not so deep thinker and also an associate
                           professor in the department of Philosophy and Religious
                           Studies at Morgan State University.