Not So Deep Thoughts

Statement of Faith
Since I do not have an altogether traditional Christian faith, I have been asked on multiple occasions, by Christians and atheists alike, to indicate what I do in fact believe.  So here it is (modifications may be forthcoming and comments are always welcome at

Statement of Faith

Joe Pettit


I believe in God, whose power is universal

Who creates freedom from chaos

And makes all freedom possible


I believe in God who knows all goodness

And makes all goodness possible


I believe in God who loves all by calling the world to create ever greater freedom

Not a false freedom from others but a true freedom for others

And God commands that we strive to love likewise


I believe in Jesus who preached a total love of God

Who understood that this required love of neighbor

Who proclaimed the Gospel that even the most sinful or shunned are loved by God

And so saves me by making clear by this Gospel that every day all people may be and need to be

            born again in new love of God and neighbor

In order to build God’s Kingdom on earth


I believe in Jesus who loved God even in death

Whose Cross is a universal witness to what loving God and neighbor might require

And I proclaim with Christians that he rose from the dead


I believe in the Christian churches

Churches that exist to proclaim and teach the Gospel of Jesus

Churches that strive to live the gospel both within and beyond their walls


I believe that a chance to love God and neighbor is all the life a person should ever need or want